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BG572338232 You have to buy them seperatly brother, they say it but it was not clear to me first as well. A bit misleading, who wants a bell without monitor or a monitor without a bell...only those who have the monitor and wants extra 5 cams...

BG839832922 27/08/2021
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Q: Does it have night vision mode? if yes then tell me how to enable it

zapytał BG245184754 na 2021-10-14 08:58:19

BG572338232 Pijfers are you a bit slow? The infra reds are hidden like other copy's of these...🙄

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BG572338232 I am searching as well, even with the directions. Oh, and also get the other app as well. You will find it and works better. But the MAIN reason is connecting after the seperate wifi name with APK AAP support???

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BG572338232 Yes, motion sensor = Motion sensor. Even with the cheapest Tapo Links from model nr2, the C200 and you may need to spend a few dollars per month for a very big cloud. I did it and has only benefits if you hang a second one. Cause two burglers? One distracts the cam, the other one takes he's lockpicking tools. 3 minutes average to get in...i practiced at the job and unlocked a safelock Ab*s just under 2min44sec....your choice. yw

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BG572338232 Mine never worked, yeah. He whent on one time after loading the batteries. It does nothing, tips or tricks??

BG168534044 04/05/2022
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Q: Black with red in size 12 EU Please!!!!! :)

zapytał BG572338232 na 2022-04-19 06:07:01

Bansil Sorry, this shoe is not available in size 12 EU.

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BG572338232 Take one or two sizes more, so you can also put them i the dryer on synthetic or sports program. They are a bit smaller, almost the difference of UK-US-EURO size and Italian. One size more and you will enjoy them. I am wearing one as we speak. Very comfortoble yet strong according almost seamless fabrication. Just don't push them to the limit at the first two washes. Enjoy 👍

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Q: Can the camera angle be adjusted?

zapytał BG231054534 na 2021-03-26 01:24:56

BG572338232 Yes it can manually but only vertical!

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