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choekstr 11/06/2024
It's solid for the price. It requires a bit more assembly as the stickers are not put on already and there is a very strong chance your will look way worse than the factory doing it. You have to do some gluing, screwing, and put on all the pushrods and servo horns and screws. It's not a quick assembly but it's not horribly hard. The battery compartment is super tight, especially if you try to fit in a 2200mah. Getting the CG right means the batteries have to be slammed up front by the motor an then the wires from the motor have to go past to the ESC which is behind. This worked the best for me but there is no way to hold the battery in with velcro or definitely not a strap so be very careful doing acrobatics on this acrobatic plane. :( I took the time to paint and make custom vinyl decals and then polycrylic the whole plane which made it look a lot nicer but those stickers go on so poorly (mostly me) that I wish I would have painted the whole thing. The throws are strong, the control planes are broad and the plane is very responsive and rolls like crazy. I had to drop to low rates (50% with 30% expo) while learning it but plenty of room to grow. It is absolutely not durable so any crash and you'll be gluing it like crazy. The landing gear are of course laughable and are just a coat hanger thickness and it can barely hold itself up so expect to be bending these back a lot. Overall it's a great plane for learning acro and beating it up at the normal USD $70-$90 which is everywhere else right now and including when I bought it 2 weeks ago, but somehow BG now has it for $125 and it's not worth it at that price. Look elsewhere to purchase or buy another model if you are comfortable spending that much and you'll get a LOT better plane.
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choekstr It's a 9x5 confirmed from what I received in the pnp kit.

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