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Zdenek 21/01/2021
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Phil3915 The ailerons work fine. Pitch is controlled by the elevator. As you mentioned, the ailerons are controlled by a single servo so they cannot function as elevons. I would suggest you google Steve Schumate's "Polaris" plane. Banggood sold a similar plane (RC Lander) a while back that had the same control setup. It flies very well. There are countless versions of this plane on the market. The original design was the North Star by Laddie Mikulasko years ago. I have built several from free plans available on the internet. The airframe took a few days to build but cost only a couple of dollars in material and glue. The biggest expense was the electronics. Most of which I buy from Banggood. This is a great design as it puts the elevator and rudder directly in line with the motor thrust, making this a very responsive plane.

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