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Nanoskywalker yes it includes everything except for the battery.

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Q: if ill buy two, would there different radio frequency?

zapytał PEARCOSZA na 2020-11-14 10:19:32

Nanoskywalker they are 2.4ghrz auto binding you can use many at the same time without issues or control varios cars with the same controller at the same time also

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Nanoskywalker just put the controller in the desired memory number then keep the bind button pressed on the reciever while power on the vehicle and it should bind in 3 to 5 seconds after that just turn off and on the transmitter ant it should be memorized on that slot, you can have all cars on and just switch memory slot to change from one to an other i use only one controller for all. to change memory slot just after powering the controller press together the menu buttons until the displayed number flashes then you can change the solt withthe + or -buttons an the power off and on again the controller

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Nanoskywalker yes it should but as is the plastic version is not much important

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Q: Antistatic?

zapytał Shadowhack na 2019-09-28 10:05:05

Nanoskywalker For my experience the front seems to be i didn't had any problems so far, but the back generates a lot of static you can hear the sparks when you remove it from the table.

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Q: Where can I buy more nuts?

zapytał nicafyl na 2021-12-27 07:20:10

Nanoskywalker As this machine is standard you can get them here in the same store or on your local hardware store

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Nanoskywalker any 35c battery will deliver more than enough power for a 1:10 car, it should work perfectly the only possible issue is if it fits right

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Q: Hi. Is this product's controller version 6.0?

zapytał TerriJ na 2019-07-26 02:29:25

Nanoskywalker no this is version 7 but essentially are very similar i am not 100% sure if the controllers are compatible i have all my tanks V6 and use 1 controller for them. its true that the v6 comes with 4 different sound sets but the 2 setsin the v7 have more quality of sound apart from that the rest is the same and the tank may run a little bit more smoothly with the V7 but the difference is small.

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Q: will this suit wpl c44km thanks

zapytał BG421101711 na 2021-02-24 07:07:56

Nanoskywalker yes is the one I use in all my WPLs with upgraded motors. these run very smoothly and i never had overheating problems.

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