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BG411016152 The alarm stops beeping above set value. The more throttle you use, the more voltage will drop. It's not constant "linear". That's why when I use buzzers on RC planes, I go full power till the the first beep and after that only 50% power, until it goes on again and then I change my battery. And yet even then the voltage will go back up a bit. So my suggestion is that you need to find out a perfect minimal voltage you'd like to go with. But remember all below 3,5V per cell on LiPo, isn't good for battery.

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xboxice we need a clear answer on this device people who have bought this very item? if you set it to say 3.4v to alarm and your battery SAG to this voltage then recovers back to a voltage higher than 3.4v lets say 3.7v does the alarm still beeps!!! or does it stop? beeping, and then beeps again if you go below the set 3.4v?

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Q: Are part available for this model?

zapytał xboxice na 2019-08-01 03:42:07

SteveD They say parts will be available soon, but some of these planes have been around for ages and still no parts for them, so who knows?

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Q: Hi guys will this bind to Devo 10 or 12 transmitters?

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monstermax1 no it comes with its own

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xboxice wowreally bro that's not good mate :( i just install a set on my Yume Y11 they work but there is a large lag in the throttle, weather on or off same lag.

BG181216561 05/07/2022
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xboxice Thanksa lot for this details write up just what i was looking for :)

activgsm 20/07/2022
I myself did over 1400 km on Boyueda and 1000 km on Laotian Ti30 - in both cases on factory square wave controllers - 45A JunLi in Boyueda and 37A JinPin in Laotie Ti30, respectively. In short, you should not use square wave controllers as we have in these devices at this power. I did a controller swap on my Laotian Ti30. The difference is colossal. No more jerking, switching 5 gears, etc. In standard controllers, the throttle response is based on the deflection angle (except for a huge dead scale) is as if assigned to a specific rotational speed of the engines, so with a small jump, a slight movement in a higher gear causes a mega jerk because the wheels want to change quickly speed. You know what I'm talking about. In sinusoidal controllers, the throttle acts as a gas pedal in the car, depending on the deflection, it doses the right amount of energy. As a result, it appears to be very flexible in all speed ranges. Of course, if we press harder, it will tear you forward. The power feels bigger from the bottom, the tires are literally screeching on the asphalt. I know that the energy losses in these controllers are smaller so we will gain on the range. The motors run very quietly. Acceleration is probably even greater than the standard ones. I saw the maximum speed of 85 km / h, so the same. But the driving experience is totally different. I am delighted :) Minuses? Minimal perceptible lag on the throttle response, but probably the same as in Boyueda. This was not in Laotie Ti30. Less high speed regenerative braking force than Ti30 (same as Boyueda). The ECO mode was better for me in the Ti30, but maybe I got used to it. Besides, the same pluses, I feel like I have new, completely different equipment. I recommend - now driving is pure pleasure, really ... ECO 27km / h, 1GEAR 35km / h, 2GEAR 55km / h, 3GEAR 85km / h
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