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way2anand Honestly this is not the way to answer this question. Moynana, if you don't know, simple just say that. Now coming to the question, in layman terms, Live is the wire that brings in the current. it's also called load. Now regular switches open and close the live wire to turn on and turn off. The neutral is the wire that returns the current back to the main line AFTER the work is done. Hence, the work which,say is light turning on, starts with the live entering the bulb lighting it up and going back thru Neutral. Since no work is done in switch box except opening and closing a live wire, neutral is not given. this is where we have problem with WiFi switches. WiFi working in a Swtich is a work. Hence for that work to happen neutral is required. If there exiting Swtich box doesn't have a neutral, the wifi will not work and hence such switches will be a waste. Hope I clarified

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