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DougEfresh you need to stay on them! I hate mjx customer service, you get the same generic answer every time. They seem helpful at first. Because my one battery went bad already over a month ago, I barely had it a month and the battery won't take a charge anymore. I only flew this twice for only about 5 minutes total.

DougEfresh 09/07/2021
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Q: Can you put floats on this plane?

zapytał BG344312538 na 2021-04-29 12:20:01

DougEfresh you would have to make your own or rig them up some how. landing might be difficult as well, plus the added weight might make it un- flyable. they're not made to carry weight

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Q: Can anyone suggest a link to spare batteries. Thanks

zapytał BG522128834 na 2021-02-16 11:06:20

DougEfresh you can get these anywhere really. Amazon, ebay, etc... just type in the correct mAh and the correct connector, I believe it's called a losi connection. so you would type in lipo battery, 1S , 300 mAh with losi connector.

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DougEfresh as long as you put in a Flysky receiver yes

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