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Q: why no US plug

zapytał chillwithfrost na 2018-11-01 01:22:18

DP15 This is EU version. Check the power input on other boxes like Chinese version to see if they match your region power output. If they match you can buy Chinese to US plug or any other to US plug adapter and power supply the device.

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Q: How much vertical tilt angle?

zapytał ppat101 na 2019-07-04 06:50:39

DP15 96 degrees

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DP15 It's a TV Box connected to your tv via HDMI. You can download numerous apps from the store just like a Android smartphone. It has built in Miracast so you can screen mirror your phone screen or play a YT etc video from your phone to the tv. Also you can watch Netflix and Amazon prime in 4K. You'll find inside YT, Netflix and Amazon prime. I hope this helps

DP15 10/02/2021
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DP15 Yes. I have the Rocketek USB3 Hub plugged on it an it works perfect with my wireless I8 keyboard mouse.

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Q: Is there any charging base station ?

zapytał BG220571501 na 2021-03-13 12:22:30

DP15 No. It's so compact. Just plug the usb type C like a normal smartphone and you are good to go.

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DP15 I don't think that you can gain access to the hdd via pc. Probably you'll need to find another way to gain access via other software etc

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Q: what is the range of light and battery backup?

zapytał BG113744934 na 2021-10-25 12:29:49

DP15 Approximately 100m. As for battery backup it depends on the beam mode you'll use and the power and quality of the battery. Don't expect too much from the stock battery.

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