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NEMS27 2018-08-04 17:10:56
I have flown for a while and have used my standard Taranis X9D plus for three years now and have loved. I have also used a friend's QX7 which I believe is an upgrade in construction and ergonomic quality from the X9D. I cannot say much about the EVOLUTION as I have only tried it once. This radio blows the X9D and QX7 out of the water both in feel and construction. It has some weight to it. It almost seems like a different brand. The included case also has a very premium feel to it. The front of the radio is covered in a kind of rubberized coating while the back has a very grippy rubber. One of my biggest issues with the X9D was that for long periods of flight, it would get slippery with my sweaty hands, but not with the Xlite. I'm a thumber (pincher for a long time), and this radio is perfect for it, does it pinch? Well, with some longer sticks it would be better but you can as is. It has enough switches for qwad racing (and airplanes too), I can configure everything I need just as I have it on my X9D, but for certain scenarios with winged aircraft, I will stick with my older Taranis. Mostly because how trims work, if you need to trim something during flight, it is going to be a problem (not something that you need to concern yourself if you only fly quadcopters). BEWARE though, it has been hard for me to adjust to the throws. Sticks have about 1/4 less movement compared to the X9D so expect to have to change rates and readjust your thumbs. Also, take into account that you will have to spend extra for batteries (I payed 18 for 4 batteries and a charger on ebay) and a memory card. Do I recommend it? Yes, this is now going to be my daily driver. I believe this is how quadcopter specific radios should have been done from the beginning. If you are new to the hobby or a seasoned pilot, this is a must have (or at least worth having on the wish list).
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