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leffo@BG271112125 Imade an adapter. Input - this is a socket from the DELL laptop, soldered to the XT60 plug. The parameters of the DELL power supply are: DC 19.5V output - current = 6.7A. That's just what I have for my laptop. Works great and a very simple way to do it.

leffo 18/09/2020
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leffo 29/05/2021
I'm shocked, such good quality. Banngood sent me the latest version as always. I'm writing this on May 30, 2021 - it's important because the opinion will be long. I got a great soldering station. There is no video of support for the latest build and software anywhere yet. HW Ver. 3.10. SW Ver. 3.2. I have so many soldering irons that I can't count myself. Now I guess I'll put all the others in one box and take it out. A very simplistic menu, that's great. There is no clock, that's good. I have so many different clocks around - you can go crazy. The settings are very intuitive. The parameters are perfect. The voltage supplied to the tip is 25.4V. The resistance of the heaters is 8.48 Ohm, which gives a maximum power of 76.08 Watt per heater. Heats up in 8 seconds. Temperature control from 50 to 480 degrees in 1 degree steps. I set the standby mode only to 50 degrees, the lifetime of the tip will be very long. Even if you do not have a tip temperature sensor, just start the smaller one and choose the right one for the elements, let's not get crazy - it is supposed to solder, the tin should flow, after soldering it should be shiny. There are 5 profiles to remember with an accuracy of 1 degree, very quickly switched with an encoder and each can be adjusted instantly. The Handle 907 (blue-yellow) is the best, I would not change it for any other. I set the standby temperature to 50 degrees for 2 minutes. The boost can be set from 10 to 100 degrees in 1 degree steps. Set Tip Cal menu to 02- Recover, confirm. It will be 100% okay. I recommend to buy only at Banggood - you will not find such a refined version anywhere. It is great even for an amateur, I am a professional electronics engineer and this station has beat all I have. I ask Banggood not to change the comment, because the station is better than the description.
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