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BG439001911 04/11/2020
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BG439001911 Notas described. the Bridge pins, saddle, nut and strap pin are made of plastic, not bone.

chrisgr 18/01/2020
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BG439001911 14/07/2020
Received in good time considering world wide postal delays. The meter I received is a model HY1361, not a WS1361 and is not branded Wensn as shown in the listing. The HY1361 SPL meter looks good, works well and is made of reasonably strong plastic. Testing it shows good accuracy and it compares well with more expensive meters. It has a lot of very good features for the price. The ability to connect it to a PC via USB and use it as a measurement microphone via the mini jack output, are excellent features. This makes it usable with measurement software such as REW. Unfortunately, I have not been able to try the meter with the Soundlink software provided. Soundlink is designed to work with Windows 7 to 10, but not with iOS or Linux. It will not work with Windows XP either. The LCD display is very clear and easy to read on axis, but could do with a backlight for low light conditions. The USB cable supplied with the HY1361 is not the correct one. It requires a mini USB plug to connect to the meter but a micro USB cable was supplied with my meter. Although a mini SD slot is shown on the listing diagram, it is not possible to use an SD card for recording data with this model. The slot is there on the case but has no tray inside. Do not try inserting a mini SD card into the slot. It will go in and fall inside the case. You will have to open it to get the card out! Overall, this is a well made and very usable SPL meter. While it has some differences to the WS1361 I ordered, I think it will work in most cases, just as well.
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