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Q: what does the sensor do exactly

zapytał alwayswimo na 2019-11-02 11:04:34

PatrickMG Exampleduring the clear day it goes out when the day goes by if it gets dark it will not catch light so it lights up ... another sensor is the movement sensor, if he realizes that the bike is stopping he turns off ... to activate again just tap or pass a hole

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PatrickMG 2019-11-02 00:49:04
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Q: Is this compatible with nokia 6.1?

zapytał ateliotos na 2019-10-03 03:43:32

PatrickMG Yes,it works

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PatrickMG Thisstatus is normal happened to me and friends who bought other products ... My order went through it but it came after a while

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Q: how do i set up runtime?

zapytał seszi3 na 2019-09-27 03:10:36

PatrickMG Itshuts off when the tank is empty

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Q: Do i need an additional pressure pump ???

zapytał hhm-7 na 2019-09-10 03:36:56

PatrickMG Youcan use this product to check the tire pressure of your motorcycle, bike, car, truck or any product you need. Or to inflate tires or any product you need , in which case you will need a tire pump, air compressor or portable air compressor to connect to the product.

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PatrickMG Engish:1 - Immerse the cotton filter inside the humidifier in filtered water. 2 - Return the wet filter to the humidifier 3 - Add water to the humidifier container 4 - If you want to put 3 to 4 drops of essential oil in the water 5 - Connect your humidifier to a USB port * One click for working with led * One more click for operation with led off * Humidifier will turn off automatically when water tank is empty * From time to time clean the humidifier chip so that it continues to function properly and clean the container in which you place the water. Português 1 - Mergulhe o filtro de algodão que se encontra dentro do umidificador em agua filtrada. 2 - Retorne o filtro molhado para o umidificador 3 - Acrescente agua ao recipiente do umidificador 4 - Se desejar coloque de 3 a 4 gotas de oleo essensial na agua 5 - Ligue seu umidificador a uma porta USB * Um clique para funcionamendo com led * Mais um clique para funcionamento com led desligado * O umidificador desligara automaticamente quando o reservatorio de agua ficar vazio * De tempos em tempos faça a limpeza do chip do umidificador para que o mesmo continue funcionamento corretamente e limpe o recipiente no qual voce coloca a agua.

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Q: Can I but some war hooks for IT?

zapytał rajgon8 na 2019-08-05 03:48:51

PatrickMG Iimagine so because it comes a simple hook

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