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freehelot 2019-11-27 11:41:34
What can I say, first glasses I used were a VR box 2 with S6 and eachine otg video receiver. Second glasses I used were Eachine EV800 which I modded with eachine pro58 and achilles firmware. I can't really compare them to anything else since I never owned anything else nor did I try fatsharks or other fpv goggles except the ones mentioned above and cyclops from hobbyking. I do like the goggles, they feel completely different from boxed goggles, my eyes don't move or tire as in boxed or other goggles I tried. Image is nice, diopter adjustment is ok and everything looks great, I simply love the hdmi adapter with which I can easily extend my desktop to them. I've tested the goggles on simulators like realflight and liftoff, they work fine and feel really nice, the only problem is reading text since the resolution is really low and that gave me a bit of a headache. When you set up the simulator and start to fly, there are no problems at all. My main complaints are that diopters could have a forward/backward adjustment (only when connecting to pc), that the foam is super thin and will need replacement and the color oft the goggles (which can easily be changed by coloring to color you want). Other then that, I got them for around 150 euros and I couldn't be happier, I doubt there is anything comparable for that price range. I've used them with 3s lipos until my furious fpv smart case arrived and now I can use them for hours connected to my pc or while I'm flying indoors with eachine e010
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