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novu_drugstar250 Dependson what material you want to cut. If you want to cut wood materials like MDF, I suggest higher power module like 5000mW. Cutting Leather materials, I don't suggest use Laser, It made TERRIBLE smell while burn-cut leather. And if you want to cut Acrylic materials, you might be able to cut with 2500mW if you repeat cut processes some times. I have 2500mW module and tested below. 1. 2.5mm acrylic board ... successed. power:100%, 120mm/min, 5times repeat. 2. 2mm Leather ... successed. power:100%, 120mm/min, no repeat(1times) 3. 5mm MDF board ... couldn't cut. power:100% 120mm/min, over 25 times repeat. It should be depends on each environment. So my results are JUST samples.

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