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Q: What are the common places this pack can be used for?

zapytał Ivaralistic00 na 2022-07-02 01:21:27

The seller For RC Drone.

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Ivaralistic00 12v 5.4 AH Battery?! Wow, that means I can actually go for that range of AH, because I only have few batteries to couple. Is it still working well for you?

XGGPaull 13/12/2021
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BG573217141 Please what do you mean by 1Pcs? Answer ASAP to enable me make up my mind about buying for my car. Thanks

Bob Holden 25/11/2018
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enya_ivara Exterior Measurements Height:5 ft. 7.3 in. (67.3 in.) Length:16 ft. 1.5 in. (193.5 in.) Width:6 ft. 1.4 in. (73.4 in.) Is this information enough to help you give me accurate quantity needed for a full body wrap for my car?

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enya_ivara Total White Surface (sides, roof, front bonnet and grill, back booth) 588 inches by 50 inches/14.9352 meter by 1.27 meter/16.33333 yards by 50 inches

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Hyenad i don't know the size of your car, you can measure the square you need and then make a dicision

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