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Lubos 31/01/2021
This product was delivered in order without damage and any complications, despite the slightly damaged box (photo). The speed of delivery was fast (20 days) and arrived on the specified delivery date. It is again another excellent product sold by Xiaomi. The packaging of the product was absolutely perfect and nicely processed. I got exactly what I expected from the product. The quality of processing and the actual production of the product is really great, high-quality and professionally processed without errors. An amazing product that is simple and without unnecessary things. The surface finish of all parts is elegant (matte black) and does not leave fingerprints. The LED lamp is attached to the holder (stand) using a strong magnet and the power is sufficient. It holds up well on the display as a whole and no additional adjustments are needed to ensure stability. The holder is very durable, strong and has a rubber so that it does not scratch the monitor. The LED lamp itself can be rotated slightly in the holder, which is enough to adjust the lighting as needed. Power is via a USB C cable, which is of course included. The light is intense enough (strong) and I would accept a weaker (lower) light intensity at the MIN setting. Nothing is reflected on the display and the work is good because it does not dazzle the eyes. The remote control is wireless, practical, holds perfectly on the table (does not slip) and even looks great. The remote control is simple and allows you to turn the light on and off, as well as dim the light and adjust the light temperature. The flashlights for the remote control were not included, as was described in the description. Excellent performance / price ratio. So far, I am extremely satisfied with the product. I can only recommend the product and the seller. Thumb up! I highly recommend.
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Lubos ...I don't know if it supports the "USB C to Ethernet" adapter, because I don't have it available, so I haven't tried it. Blue light reduction was not in the tablet, but there is a Night Light feature that can be adjusted.

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Q: Does it support a stylus

zapytał BG023204157 na 2021-06-17 01:35:16

Lubos I can't answer this responsibly and correctly because I don't use a stylus. I bought a cover with a keyboard and I use it this way without any problems.

2021-06-20 10:03:07 Pomocny (0)
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Q: support Google store or no??

zapytał BG191055715 na 2021-05-18 11:33:13

Lubos Yes it supports Google Store !!

2021-05-18 01:06:13 Pomocny (0)
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Lubos ... nooo, that's a good question. I would also need to know where to buy the packaging and protective glass. If I know, I'll let you know. Lubos

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Q: can it fit a monitor thickness of 3 cm?

zapytał BG124153232 na 2021-04-23 02:14:03

Lubos ... yes, it will also fit on a 3cm thick monitor. Maximum opening of the base (holder) of the LED lamp itself is required.

2021-04-24 09:28:53 Pomocny (0)
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Lubos The XIAOMI Mijia Lite Desk Lamp will only light when connected to USB. The LED lamp has a USB type C.

2021-04-17 07:32:05 Pomocny (1)
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Lubos ... not during measurement the oximeter makes no sound. The measurement is without sound.

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Q: how long last standby ?

zapytał Giorgos Xristopoulos na 2021-01-20 12:55:50

Lubos I'm disappointed with the value of StandBy. I have power via the Solar Panel.

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Q: is it compatible with m1 Mac mini as a second monitor

zapytał ALPERUMUT na 2021-01-29 12:10:01

Lubos I'm sorry, but I can't answer your question right now because I was buying a monitor for a friend. If I find out how it works, I'll let you know :-).

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