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Q: is this legit phone or clone??

zapytał popkorn1968 na 2022-01-14 03:18:27

digitalmouse what do you think it is a clone of, exactly? it is an Ulefone Armor 13. I have one, works great. A few annoying choices on how they set up the Android 11 - can't seem to set my own notification sounds for different apps, for example - but otherwise a very decent 'rugged' phone. battery life is great - i am charging it only once every 8-10 days with regular use.

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Q: Is the keyboard hot swappable?

zapytał BG547212111 na 2021-10-04 05:14:00

digitalmouse If you mean can you unplug it from one device or computer and plug into another? Then yes. That's kind of the point with USB devices. :)

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Q: How does the camera connect to a phone, as in the pictures?

zapytał danny na 2020-11-09 01:35:33

digitalmouse no idea yet! still trying to figure out which app to use for the drone.

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Q: my hight 178 cm, weight 120kg, my size???

zapytał Amith C na 2019-09-09 02:28:38

digitalmouse I'mabout the same size as you...shirt barely fit at it's largest size. was a little tight across the chest

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digitalmouse The 'jet tent bunker' appears to not be for sale anymore: gives 'This product is unavailable or out of stock.'

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