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Q: Is there a manual available somewhere to set up the ESC?

zapytał BG543447910 na 2021-06-27 03:32:53

Celebration no,it is pre-set and dedicated for volantex airplane

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BG543447910 First off: the review is very posivie! The only thing that @RagTheNutsOff has done is make improvement suggestions. as an Aeronautical Engineer and aircraft designer with over 12 years of experience, I can confirm that the vertical stabilizer / vertical fin are quite obviously undersized. In practice, the size of a vertical stabilizer is dicated by two main parameters: the distance from the CG and the speed that the plane's airspeed. as this is almost a flying wing type of configuration, the vertical stabilizer is very close to the CG and unless this model moves with 100km/h, this fin is ineffective. Additionally, the vertival fin will be ineffective at high andgles of attack due to wide nose and budy of the aircract, as it will be subjected to turbulent flow. Place the model (a centre section with the fin) into a Finite Element Fluid Dynamics Simulator and you will be able to verify what I have just explained. @tanghao and Eachine: take the comments as they are and make it better. Don't reinvent the wheel and just make a better version V2 of the model. Simple as that. Also, look uo the definition of the word "slandering". You used it multiple times but have obviously no idea what it means.

RagTheNutsOff 09/09/2020
The LTE Rambler RS itself is not a bad model at all, I've enjoyed flying it a lot so far. It does need some minor modifications however sadly the manufacturer seems to have a few attitude issues. Staying on the positive side the foam is well moulded and I like the look of it. It does fly well with some minor mods (mentioned shortly) and it will take a wide range of batteries very easily as the battery bay is huge, around 8" x 4" big! However you will need to add 40mm of depron foam to the vertical stabiliser to tame the hunting (shown clearly in several YouTube videos), pins in the rear hatch to stop the fin flying off and a clip to the front hatch as the magnets are not very good and definitely use 4mm carbon rods in the nose either to stop it from snapping off too (surprising as the same mistake by the designer who made the Dart XL, which had exactly the SAME issue). The Rambler RS can be a bit of a challange to launch, even with a standard 5200mAh 4S pack. FULL throttle and a hard throw is the key to a good launch. Also create your own or 3D print a nose cover to block up the front nose vent. I did find that when landing in wet grass, water got into the fuse area and soaked the battery and as far back as electronics in the rear. Blocking the nose up will stop this from happening. The manufacturer's attitude towards customer support is a whole different discussion point (less than desirable), however as mentioned at the beginning, not a bad model at all, needs a few, very easy mods to make it a good model that you'll also enjoy too. Matt
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BG543447910 Hidovichino, Thank for the suggested Motor and ESC. I find the original Motor and ESC to be just powerful enough but it could be a lot better for sure. Could you please elaborate on the clockwise / counter-clockwise comment? You mentioned that the original prop is a counter-clockwise prop, but looking from behind the plane (which is how the rotational direction is defined), the prop spins clockwise - you can see this in the pictures as well. So, when looking at the plane from behind, are you suggesting a counter-clockwise spinner to be better suited? The 3-Blade - 10x7 Propeller from Master Airscrew you suggested is also a clockwise spinner, so not sure what to get now.

dovichino 15/10/2019
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