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mmmdaaa google how to install google on a xiaomi itl show you how without knowin chinese and once thats done you're done. you can install all the apps you love full functionality might as well be global but difference is there will be chinese apps still on the phone

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Q: is this the global version being sold?

zapytał BG367935134 na 2020-08-10 12:39:40

mmmdaaa i recently got the chinese version. It didnt work I manually installed apps I wanted and even then they didnt work well.... then i googled and found out theres a Google ban in china therefore to install google on this phone you just need to search for that video google how to install google on a xiaomi... mi getapp search google, go to a bottom theres a green button in chinese you click and it directs you to installer or installing manager for all the google apps. Once all are installed... the phone might as well be global version... you have all the apps you want and theyl work perfectly though there are apps that stay chinese but shouldn't bother you

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