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Q: does it have hold altitude?

zapytał Paskraidysim na 2020-11-13 05:17:13

BG575345553 NO. Watch some video’s about FPV drones.

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Q: when is the non eu standard version in stock again?

zapytał basbenton na 2019-08-20 05:13:03

Lukin 1-2 week

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Q: Is Mobula7_HD_2-3S_75mm Automatic recognition 2S or 3S ?

zapytał mimei na 2019-02-13 11:21:37

BG575345553 I suggest, stay on 2s. I tried 3s and the fc burnt. Took me 2 months to get a fc that can handle 3s. Happy model should update the setup they are selling.

2020-02-06 01:22:31 Pomocny (1)
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