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BG505571080 Its output is about 1 Watt or just under, it's not picosecond pulses either. Don't use it without buying 450nm goggles first. I use the Eagle Pair EP-1 (cost about double the price of this item)

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Q: What is the diameter of the tires ??

zapytał JayBee na 2020-10-02 07:53:14

BG101511835 mi dispiace ma non ho ancora ricevuto la presente auto

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JayBee I see it advertised at $149.99 USD and yes it now shows 799.99 USD on the BG product Page. I found a better and faster working unit at Candian Tire in Canada for $148.99 Canadian dollars.

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Q: does this work with fraky taranis q x7 access version?

zapytał BG525648144 na 2021-08-15 06:20:45

JayBee Does not work on ACCESS protocol. Only FRSKY.

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Q: When does the 18A version come out?

zapytał BG414321172 na 2020-12-10 03:37:22

JayBee The RD6018 is the 18A version. You will need 60v 1000w-1200 Watt power supply to produce the max current of 18A.

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Q: Ela tocar um amplificador digital 500w

zapytał BG116549561 na 2021-07-29 08:06:38

JayBee Yes but the output current will be limited by the 500w supply

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JayBee The 60 of the RD6018 signifies a max Voltage of 60 Volts. The 18 of the RD6018 signifies a max Current at that voltage of 18Amps. You would need to buy a 1000-1200 WATT Power supply to reach those maximum Specs.

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