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Q: does it have automatic hover control or altitude hold.

zapytał BG149917174 na 2021-08-10 02:18:00

AriefJava Yes, this product has an altitude sensor.

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AriefJava The speed sensor used by this product uses a cable, install the speed sensor on the front wheels becouse the cable is short.

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AriefJava You don't need tonspen more money, this product includes a speed sensor, you just have to install it on the front wheel, becouse the cable length to the unit is short.

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Q: Does someone have the manual of the Eachine E008?

zapytał Guilherme na 2021-12-16 10:14:01

AriefJava the manual is in the box

2022-02-26 09:51:06 Pomocny (1)
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