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Loneman@davorin143 Howdo you know that he didn't return it? More likely he got a partial refund as BG would be liable for postage, which probably would cost more than what they pay for the item in the first place. You should be thanking the dude for revealing the scam rather than doubting his story.

BG433517332 15/05/2022
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Q: Is there any case or 3d printed case for the board ? Thanks

zapytał Cidou na 2019-07-31 09:56:28

Loneman thingiverseDOTcomthing:5349962 thingiverseDOTcom thing:3908208 That's from a 10 seconds Google, you know how to use a search engine, right?

2022-06-16 11:54:18 Pomocny (1)
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Loneman Possibly,if there's anything on the cell to identify it and you can find a replacement, I would imagine it would be relatively easy if you're able to use a soldering iron. ---- Possivelmente, se houver algo na clula para identific-lo e voc puder encontrar um substituto, imagino que seria relativamente fcil se voc pudesse usar um ferro de solda.

2022-06-08 04:33:16 Pomocny (1)
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Q: Are these ever going to be available again? Need a few more

zapytał kkooss16 na 2022-06-04 08:52:49

Loneman I'dhazard a guess not, which would be a shame as these are absolute classics.

2022-06-08 04:29:08 Pomocny (1)
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riromain they haven't, and the same are available for 3 dollars on Al express

2021-06-05 04:02:46 Pomocny (1)
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Q: Olá, é possível reposição de bateria? Pois o meu inchou.

zapytał lucas_trz na 2022-05-10 01:18:41

Loneman Whichbattery, the one in the case or the earbuds themselves?

2022-05-16 05:29:08 Pomocny (1)
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