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gboulter 2020-08-21 14:48:42
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Q: Is this as the pictures would indicate for the 1/8th 6S outcast.

zapytał gboulter na 2020-08-09 03:21:44

Rafim This dust dirt cover is for Arrma Outcast BLX truck,do not have installation display pictures

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Q: The esc support for 3D mode?

zapytał smnaol na 2019-02-06 10:06:20

gboulter Anything bl-heli can.

2019-02-08 04:50:19 Pomocny (0)
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gboulter All versions have a spare UART pair if you want to use inverted s-but smart audio will need moving to TX1.

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Q: Is this running stolen LaForge firmware.

zapytał gboulter na 2018-10-18 07:09:06

Kev78 yes,, it has to be stolen Laforge , that's not cool...

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