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Rajesh 2018-04-18 03:33:32
It sure does sound great. I drive with my windows down in my old car. The engine is loud. I have high-powered speakers so I can hear the music with all the noise. This can drive it without an external amp, and that saves me room and wiring in my car. This is honest to goodness 40w RMS at 0.2% THD per channel, and it sounds clean when turned up to the max. The styling of these things is pretty awful - they look like the 90s - pretty much every car radio looks like this, so after years of waiting for something better looking, I just decided to deal with it. There are other weird options out there. Semi-truck radios look nicer but are usually a few years behind the curve technology wise. Some marine radios look okay, and then the very expensive retro audio radios are another option. I originally set the lighting to match my dashboard - a yellow-greenish color - but It doesn't match quite right. The brightness can't be adjusted, but you can use a custom color with everything turned down to the minimum levels to kind of reduce brightness - I find it's pretty bright at night depending on what color is selected. I ended up setting the buttons to red and the screen to white. You do need dedicated power AND ground wiring to this - the stock power wire can't deal with the draw this thing can do. It'll blow your fuses and set your wiring on fire if you don't do this. I have an 8 gauge wire running from by battery to a small fuse panel under my center console. One fuse goes to this radio, and one goes to a very small 20w RMS powered sub in the trunk. I also have an 8 gauge ground cable going to a bolt near the firewall. The big megabass button does indeed make it boom - but my tiny sub can't really do anything with it all. My Volkswagen was not originally wired to turn on the radio with the ignition, and doesn't even have an ACC position on the key. If you wanted the radio on, you just turned the thing on, and then off when you are done. This radio requires a long press on the power button to totally shut it off. You can also just remove the face to shut it off. I ended up wiring the red wire to the defroster circuit which is on when the ignition is on. This is really just a signal to the radio to turn on, so it won't blow the fuse when the radio and defroster are on. I connected the orange/white illumination wire to my parking lights which is a simple on/off signal to dim. Apparently some stereos have a true dimmer wire which is just orange, which can be connected to the dimmer wire to match the brightness of the dash lights. This one doesn't do that.
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