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hsb3852 yes this led does require a heat sink. The base of the led is meant to be soldered onto a circular pad on a PCB that serves to conduct heat away. You need to drive it with a 700mA *constant-current* led driver. The voltage of the driver you choose depends on how many leds connected in series that you want to drive (you need approx. 3.4V per led in the string, e.g. for 3 leds the driver must be at least 10.5V at 700mA).

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Q: Could you let me know the power of each laser? Thanks.

zapytał BorisArt na 2019-09-09 10:19:25

Bepi Didn't know precisely but I think it was a "standard" 3-5mW unit, same as level's pointer-tracer.

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Q: Is his rig good for Nikon Z6, or do you have other?

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Kowtowbox1234 support

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