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AlvaroJardim 01/10/2020
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Q: Can this be used in South America? Or only in Europe? Thank You

zapytał BG158531514 na 2020-12-20 06:16:14

AlvaroJardim Yes. The Taranis can be used in Brazil. I have one and it's to work good

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Q: This battery is suitable for Cheerson XC-20 ?

zapytał Марат Сайфутдинов na 2018-03-30 12:36:11

AlvaroJardim Ican't say. You need to know if the battery dimensions, voltage (12.6 V) and capacity (2700mAh) are compatible with your drone.

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Q: Will this fit the tyro129 ? Thankyou.

zapytał Angel na 2020-09-27 02:27:47

AlvaroJardim Yes.I'm using it on my Tyro119 and it fit well

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