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MacGyver yes. i do not use ethernet or wifi internet, just standalone. you may see a small warning icon in the bottom left corner when there is no internet. unit works fine without internet.. you can use usb to upgrade backup.

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Q: is it sharp

zapytał 786PEEYUSH na 2018-01-01 10:14:27

MacGyver very sharp. very precise. cuts perfect on small diameter wire.

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Q: Ma è un orologio con una sorta di teaser?!?

zapytał Kanux39 na 2021-04-06 02:37:04

MacGyver its NOT a tazer taser. its test equipment for seeing high voltage dangers. look up Voltage Detector

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Q: what size batteries are required?

zapytał jhlamprecht na 2021-01-25 10:21:05

MacGyver 240v AC power for the device. CR2025 button battery for the remote control.

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Q: Does the remote works as a wireless mouse?

zapytał yosboss na 2021-09-25 05:17:17

MacGyver yes and no. the remote has arrows that moves the cursor slowly. looks like a mouse but works very slow. it is better to plug in a usb mouse or wireless mouse. i tested, it works great.

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Q: Does this box have Heating Issue

zapytał NileshPatil na 2021-09-15 01:14:47

MacGyver no temperature when switched Off. it gets warm under normal operating conditions. will get hot when using High Processor Power Apps. this is like a computer in a small box. works normal.

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Q: what is the size

zapytał BG372053401 na 2022-01-11 08:21:07

MacGyver 53mm across and 30mm high. a little smaller if removed from plastic housing.

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Q: What is highest resolution output?

zapytał BG818244610 na 2022-04-08 02:49:44

MacGyver it claims 4K... i am using HDMI cable on a standard HD LED TV and can only see 1920x1080p 60frames as my maximum resolution in menu options. i havent tested on a true 4K TV.

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Q: what is the Size?

zapytał BG434821338 na 2020-10-16 07:09:00

MacGyver 53mm across and 30mm high. slightly smaller if removed from housing. standard automotive size tweeter

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