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Q: what is the output of the fan

zapytał Nihar Ranjan Choudhury na 2018-08-11 01:47:24

james The fan output appears to be directly connected to the input. So whatever voltage you input will be output to that connector. There does not appear to be any temperature or load sensing, the connector... Zobacz więcej

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james Ignoring the internal losses the maximum output is 200amps at 28v which which is 5600 watts output max. 5600 watts divided by 220v is 25.4 amps. So I would guess that is the minimum requirement for ru... Zobacz więcej

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james If your inverter outputs 220v with enough amps to run it then there is no reason you could not use this on the inverter. Given that this is not a simple transformer but a complex power supply I would ... Zobacz więcej

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