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  • November-11 2020 12:34:45

    Very good sharpener device, recommended. You should add on cart a new pack of stones.

  • October-15 2020 15:39:39

    I think this is the best knife sharpener on the market. Brilliant quality and can be used to sharpen many bladed tools. Also it can swivel the knife over to sharpen both sides of the knife without taking the knife out of the vice. I bought the titanium coated diamond sharpeners from Banggood that can be used as well with this tool.

  • September-23 2020 16:27:03

    Nagyon gyorsan megérkezett, két héttel korábban az igért határidőnél. A hibája: a "Pivot", a golyós vezető könnyen elfordul a tengelyen. Nem értem, hogy miért nem lapos a tengely egyik oldala. Megoldásként a tengely oldalát hosszában megreszeltem, így a csavar felfekszik a lapos felületen. Az anyagminőségről annyit, hogy egy jó reszelővel nehezen tudtam levenni egy kicsit a tengely oldalából, tehát kimondottan jó az acél minősége. A felfogató öntvény is stabil

  • September-03 2020 04:06:20

    This knife sharpener is my first tool of this kind. Up until now I have been sharpening homemade knives without one. This tool has made it so much easier. It is really well made and has the facility to swivel the clamp so you can leave the knife set in the holding clamp and turn over to do the other side. This can be done quickly as it is on a spring mechanism which is pulled forward to turn it over. The locking screws on the height adjustment pole need tightening well. It comes with different

  • August-11 2020 05:56:29

    I've had a number of different knife sharpeners. Most were useless or a bit of a hassle to use. My favorite up to this point was the Lansky System sharpener, but this system only gives you 3 default angles for your knife (admittedly, the most common for most tasks). This system has become my new 'go to' sharpening system however. It clamps nicely to most work surfaces, is very robust, has a good rotating knife feature, and the knife can be sharpened to any edge angle required. The only down side is

  • November-02 2020 15:20:23

    Needs to be properly tightened (all threaded connections). Grinding stones could be of a better quality. Generally, does the job - knives become very sharp pretty fast. Recommended!

  • October-11 2020 23:07:26

    Seems like a reasonable unit for the price. One 5mm capscrew missing but otherwise arrived in good condition. Yet to discover how well it does at sharpening a quality German steel blade.

    Komentarze (1)
  • September-18 2020 05:09:08

    A készülék rendben van kinézetre jól használható, kipróbálni még nem sikerült, mivel mozgássérült vagyok, a postás türelmetlen volt, az árut a szomszédomnak kézbesítette.

  • September-30 2020 10:02:36

    Jednoduché a funkční provedení,chce to ale objednat k tomu ještě náhradní kameny rychle to ubývá

  • November-26 2020 09:10:57

    Dorazilo v pořádku za dva dny


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