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  • eldron
    2016-09-14 16:04:24

    Рама отличная! Внешний вид конструкции очень стильный, строгий и лаконичный. Качество материала высокое. Выдержал даже столкновение с металлическими футбольными воротами на большой скорости. Небольшой вес. После установки держателя камеры GoPro остается место даже для 1500mAh аккумулятора.

    Komentarze (1)
  • 2017-03-25 04:45:47

    Рама понравилась прежде всего своей компактностью и крепежом камеры,которая полностью защищена и не пребует дополнительного крепежа.Лучи сьёмные и могут быть подобранны по длине.Рама предусмотренна как под 45 как и под 50 пропы.

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  • 2016-07-13 03:52:03

    this frame is pretty nice, the carbon has good quality and is also well drilled and cut. the frame without any parts weighs 127g. with my parts (flip32, 2205 2300kv cobra, 20a littlebee, runcam swift, frsky d4r, lumenier TX5G6R, matek pdb, 5045 kingkong props and selfmade antenna) it weighs about 327g. the frame seems to be robust, die upper plate could be thicker. the standoffs are a little bit cheap on quality, you have to tighten up the screws really carefully. at first i lost 3 screws while flying,

  • Joosh
    2016-06-18 09:53:37

    This is a great frame I really like the build i did with it and all the parts i ordered work together SO WELL!!! :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSXF1DjNqWg

    Komentarze (1)
  • 2017-08-13 10:08:26

    Это вторая подобная рама у меня.Четыре сменных луча.Качество резки на высоте.Всё приходит в аккураткой фирменной коробочке.В наборе крепёж.Рама немного громоздка.Нв фотках моя компановка.

  • 2016-07-19 10:18:45

    SE2205 in there, lots of punch, took the R260 for 6" props NOTE: They added a middle plate below the four arms that should resolve some durability problems, see my pics.

  • Gustav
    2016-06-08 13:07:32

    Pretty good looking frame: Nice carbon with few scratches and camera mounting holes with proper size to fit a HS1177 for example. But mine also had serious problems with the aluminium fastening pieces for the arms. one of the "L-shaped" pieces was insufficiently threaded preventing me from even using it. And as such I can't use the frame.

  • 2016-09-06 08:57:56

    Really nice and strong frame !! Love it !! Enough room on board to get all hardware in !!

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  • doboz
    2016-07-12 09:18:51

    With 4.0 arm, looks like QAV-R this is awesome. Maybe 260 is too big. Next time I'm gonna buy 220 or 180.

  • Phil76
    2016-04-08 14:14:51

    Nice little frame... Same size as the Lisam ls-210, with a smaller body I like the 4mm arms... looks solid Can't wait to mount the emax "red bottom"...


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