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  • clh
    2020-02-21 12:18:49

    looks good banggood

  • thkre
    2016-10-12 15:58:41

    The LED is well build and can be handled very good via the silicone cover. I tried to replace a 20W, 164lm, Halogen bulb with it but it was a little to dark for that. You can see a direct comparison in the last picture. It draws 0,13-0,14A at 12V. Fast delivery time to Germany.

  • Andre
    2016-10-26 11:26:54

    Picked up this bulb to replace the halogen one in my old Ikea desk lamp. Its bright but did not want to work with the 12V AC power supply. I converted over to a 12V DV 1.5A ps and now the light works. The ZX bulb is a bit taller than the previous G4 bulb it replaced so I was not able to put the lens back on tight. That said the ZX produces a nice bright light. Will monitor its life span.

  • iDarek
    2017-02-22 17:17:28

    "Bulbs" very nice, well done. Brightness comparable to or greater than 20W halogen. Dimming not tested. Power consumption according to my amateur meter is about 3W.

  • Dosman
    2016-09-27 23:57:55

    I just replaced my 20w bulb with this new 6w bulb. Wow, nice and bright, looks close to the brightness of the other standard bulb. I wished i would have ordered more... Very happy with them.

  • sfxptb
    2017-05-19 18:11:24

    The warm white package, says 6W on the label. The description is correct and the label wrong. I tested and they actually use 1.65W (see images). I bought these in an attempt to make a fancy lamp that used 20, 20W lamps usable. The transformer was already replaced because it couldn't handle the load and the newer one (AC) isn't great either, as it couldn't handle it for long. Now with LED lights, it actually stays one. Oddly one 20W lamp must still be used or the whole thing turns off. 400W to 58W,

  • react
    2017-12-22 11:32:18

    I combine 2of these led's with 2 14w halogens on a 12v halogen transformer. Works perfect. Pros: - Nice color temperature, a bit more yellow than halogen bulbs - Ok lumen output - Solid feel Cons: - Less light output than a 14w halogen g4 bulb - Larger than a halogen bulb, so won't fit everywhere Dit not use the bulbs for long, so don't know how long they will last.

  • 2016-11-14 09:14:46

    Светильники не греются, свет холодный, хотелось бы около 4100, но имеем до 6000, хотя в откровенную синеву не уходят. Свет довольно яркий, в сравнении с теплыми галогенными на 20 ВТ, светят где-то на 30+

  • 2016-11-13 05:05:58

    I received the warm white color: The LEDs arrived no problem to Germany. It is a perfekt fit for G4 halogen replacement (replace 1x 10 W halogen bulb with 1x LED). To consider: the measured electrical power is only about one third of the stated 6 Watts. It is still a nice product and I will buy more of them knowing it is 2 Watts. See detailed measurement graph in picture. Be careful: They will not handle being powered by 24 Volts.

  • Yaofeng
    2017-01-07 16:39:09

    This is a good LED Bulb to replace the original light bulb. I bought a daylight bulb. After I used for a while I believe a warm white color one could be better.


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