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  • October-21 2020 21:20:20

    the item is complete,and it’s run very fast , using my old x-team1600kv

  • November-04 2019 06:01:06

    Estou decepcionado com o site, após 50 dias do recebimento do produto, que por sinal veio sem nenhuma proteção, conforme as fotos, mesmo tendo pago o seguro, não obtive nem o reembolso para comprar as peças de reposição, nem me enviaram novas para substituí-las. A compra foi feita para presentear o meu filho no dia das crianças que foi em 12 de outubro.

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  • June-02 2019 01:10:55

    Très bon produit à la vue du prix. carrosserie assez solide malgré l'absence de par choc arrières. Emballage un peu juste pour le non RTR mais le produit n'etait pas abîmé. Monté avec un combo 120 A et 3674 2650 kv 3S 4500 ma. Ça accélère fort ça saute tout aussi bien et ça chauffe pas trop.

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  • January-18 2020 22:15:07

    je n'ai rien recu j'ai peser sur le boutton par erreur hier cliquer sur annuler et la confirmation du colis receptionner a ete envoyer mais je nai rien recu encore et je nai jamais ete capable de voir ou est mon colis avec le tracking , pouvez vous maider svp

  • January-13 2020 11:13:00

    fantastic it has arrived however I did order it in kit for so that I could build it but got a rolling vehicle so all good just need to put a few bits in and away we go thanks

  • November-27 2020 22:42:18

    Ottimo stato.!

  • September-26 2020 04:37:43

    very fast delivery

  • March-13 2020 01:11:36

    Great project truck for me to build and add to my collection

  • August-14 2018 04:01:13

    So I have been thrashing with this thing for a few weeks now and ultimately I am pretty damn happy with it. However, that does come with some caveats. First when I originally received it both front and rear differentials were binding badly. After some investigation I found that when they had been assembled the crown gears had not been torqued down evenly, so as a result they were not flat relative to the diff case. This also resulted in the gaskets being deformed and the diffs leaking. Luckily for

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  • July-18 2019 12:30:45

    Before I started my build, right out of the box, the Pirates 2 has some gear/differential issues. Without installing the motor, I can not turn my wheels freely, I can hear strange noises and the gears are binding. I'm afraid I'll need to tear it apart to troubleshoot BEFORE I start to build it!!! -djsoulforce!


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