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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 01/06/2021

    Arrived from Banggood in 3 days as stated by Royal Mail in perfect condition. The model went together perfectly and really easy making it perfect for a beginner who wants to get into the hobby. Flew it in a big field just over the road from my house, hand launched on full power into a gentle wind and it gently climbed into the sky effortlessly. Left and right turns were easy with the on board gyroscope which kept the flight smooth, level and easy and after turning back into the wind gently eased off the power for a very easy landing a real joy to fly. Thanks Banggood for another great model plane. 5 stars... Mike

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  • 31/08/2021

    Bardzo ładny mały samolot bardzo dobrze budować doskonałą jakość dla nowicjuszy (jak ja) wszystko działa dobrze zgodnie z przeznaczeniem! Jedyne co znalazłem to trochę nos ciężki. Jak tylko wyciągniesz gaz, będzie nurkować, więc musisz utrzymać przepustnicę

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    Very stable is good. But it is very swinging. Even when Rudder D / R button is pressed, turning is large. I switched the left and right propellers and rotated the motor in the reverse direction. To make it roll by counter torque. As a result, the inclination of the aircraft increased and turning became smaller. This remodeling made it very easy to fly.

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  • 19/11/2019

    The package comes as you see in the pics along with 2 spare props, 1 USB charger, 1 prop remover, and a screw driver. pros: -cool looking plane. -once in the air and at speed, it can glide well. -maybe can do some FPV with it. -can convert to 4ch and have lots of fun if you are crafty. Maybe brushless conversion too. -Landing gear wheels are very nice. -push plane protects motors and props. cons: -hard to maneuver precisely, but is to be expected from its weight and wingspan compared to something like the Fx-808. -that said, you need a big open space. -differential thrust when makes the motor rev way up when throttle input is 0, making it hard to fly at times which leads to hammerhead or tip stalls. -Landing gear itself is too springy which will make your aircraft bounce off the ground on approach. -latch for battery bay broke the 2nd time I opened it. conclusion: -would be very cool as a 4 ch. -not recommended for first plane.

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  • 06/01/2020

    Opakowanie było wystarczająco miękkie, w wyniku czego samo pudełko z samolotu zostało lekko uszkodzone. Urządzenie w środku było w idealnym stanie. Wszystkie równe i całe. Sam samolot jest całkiem dobry, dla początkujących. Prosty pilot, łatwy montaż i obsługa. Naładowanie baterii trwa około 15 minut lotu. Generalnie dobra za ich pieniądze.

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  • 29/08/2019

    Skvělé letadlo pro začátečníky nebo děti.Přišlo bez návodu ale ovládání je jednoduché,nejde mi trimovat,ale asi se to nastaví samo(automat).Někdy houpe,ale stačí vypnout a zapnout a zkalibruje se.Vydrží létat alespoň 1/2 hodiny,mám dvě baterie takže létám 1 hodinu.Zvládne i mírný vítr.

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  • 11/03/2019

    This is a great looking little airplane. put it together in 5 minutes. Remote, Lipo Battery and charger for usb included. Plane arrived after approximately 3 weeks to Denmark. The plane is capable of fly, can it be controlled... no way. Will try to modify it with some real rudders etc. update later. Spend some more bucks in your local RC Club and get some decent gear. 1. Plane looks good 2. Cheap 3. Small in size 4. Lipo Included 5. Transmitter Included 6. Will i fly... 7. No, sadly.

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  • 02/10/2020

    Przybywam w mniej niż 3 tygodnie do Meksyku, wszystko dobrze bez uszkodzeń, bardzo zabawne i łatwe do latania dla kogoś bez doświadczenia

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  • 26/07/2019

    I bought another plane because I really enjoyed your flight. This time the box came a little damaged, but it did not affect the product. I recommend this plane to anyone who is starting with low investment.

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  • Magnus

    Absolut schöne Ausführung ,leicht zu bedienen auch für Anfänger . Als Flieger , von normalerweise 3 -Achs gesteuerten Modellen/Coptern , konnte ich es mir nicht verkneifen, anstatt des sich im Kamera-Dom befindlichen Ballast , eine FPV Cam mit eigenem Akku (1s 255mah ) einzubauen und den Fliegen mit Brille zu fliegen ;-) .

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