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  • 2020-01-21 10:52:33

    Looks great. Has an temperature display, can set required temperature. Has sleep function. Comes with stand and sponge. Tips can be changed, but comes with one tip. The solder cable is soft.

  • 2020-07-28 20:19:18

    Works on the voltage 110 V in the USA. Unfortunately no EU to USA plug adapter supplied, thus -1 point. The hottest temperature 480°C is not reachable, see the photo, only 465°C were reached till the sleep mode activated.

  • 2019-10-28 20:31:50

    Брал за 1558 руб. сейчас цена 1100руб.

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  • Fabry
    2020-10-22 12:54:03

    Working OK.

  • izborik
    2020-03-10 16:16:59

    отличный паяльник, быстрая доставка!

  • Romario
    2019-08-29 07:14:59

    Заказ получен в М.О. через 27 дней, принёс курьер до квартиры, две коробки склеены между собой скотчем, немного помяты, главное что в нутри все целое и рабочее, собрано в нутри конечно похобно, флюс не отмыт, на ручке нет фирменной надписи производителя больше похоже на подделку-но

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  • hitech
    2019-08-28 12:58:07

    Lässt sich gut und einfach bedienen, heizt sehr schnell auf die gewünschte Temperatur und liegt gut in der Hand. Lediglich die Standsicherheit könnte etwas besser sein. Daher nur 4 Sterne für die Appearance.

  • Paul
    2020-03-16 10:56:41

    Great soldering iron! Heating instant! It keeps the temperature. Heater with temperature control by 2m temperature sensors. Very soft and comfortable cable from the control unit to the handle of the soldering iron. And a terrible, harsh and short net wire. The photo shows how much the complete wire is hard. I immediately replaced it with another. Otherwise, everything is fine and the control and factory settings for calibration of temperature. Naturally, you can configure it even more ideally through

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  • 2020-10-23 09:38:15

    It arrived, it looks the part, it heats reasonably fast. The included conical tip is a bit too chunky for my taste. The rotary encoder has some sort of acceleration, if you spin it fast it no longer increases/decreases temps by 1 degrees but by 5 or maybe more. The sensibility of this thing is not the best though and I found myself overshooting the desired temp quite a few times until I settled for 350. I checked and there is continuity from the tip to the socket earth pin so this is properly grounded.

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  • 2020-02-24 05:26:14

    Достойная доставка. Коробка-упаковка цела. Прибор в отличном состоянии на 2 мм вытащил нагревательный элемент, чтобы был зазор. Жало магнитное. Калибровка на ура -1град. Переход в режим сна по умолчанию 10 минут.


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