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  • June-20 2020 16:04:27

    i checked the reviews before buying it, i bought the heat sink and put it on the motor because in one of the comments it says motor gets very hot but honestly not hot enough that you required a heat sink, dosent comes with any lights i installed the front ones, its a very fast car no doubt about that i guess i have change my tires quicker well its depend on you how much you play with it and what surface, but the size is not 1|10 for sure its a smaller car perfect for me not too small not too big.

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  • July-02 2020 14:08:17

    truck finally arrived kinda small battery from my traxxas cars but ther is lots of room for up grades 4s esc and motor make this thing a beast not sure if it's TRUE 1/10 more like a 112 114 still cool

  • September-21 2020 13:00:03

    I order this for My friend and boy how this machine look !! For this scale wheels are gigant and body look great. I did not expect to get extra steering links and i think front bridge as a spare parts. Wheels are not glued so perfect and front wheels are pointing out so sometimes car like to turn slightly to random side. 60KM/H is a joke because max speed is 30KM/H !! Motor is not so big but still car have some power As far as I can see all gears are metal. All that with good shocks (not oil filed)

  • October-14 2020 21:07:56

    its claimed top speed is 60 kmh or 37 mph, it only goes 17 mph or 29 kmh. It is not user error. The shocks were dry and the hubs looked like they were cast it the 17th century, but on a positive, it shipped remarkably fast and was in fair condition.

  • July-29 2020 20:30:32

    not a 1:10 scale, definitely more like a 1:16 but this car is nice for bashing tho

  • October-14 2020 03:17:32

    this is a fast RC car, takes some time to get used to it. Nice sturdy chassis, motor i would say is a little small for this car. all in all, this is a good purchase. highly recommended and recommend getting a spare battery.

  • October-12 2020 04:13:04

    Looks fantastic, no damage or missing parts. fast delivery.

  • September-23 2020 00:16:04

    definitely nothing to brag about.very small

  • July-27 2020 14:01:11

    Just to start this review off, i want to say i received this RC car through the banggood affiliate program and did not actually purchase the product. Now that is out of the way, i will say i would buy this again in a heartbeat. Pros: -Plenty of power from the 2s battery and brushless combo -easy to charge, drive, and no assembly required -quality of motor Cons: -Quality of everything other than the motor. (Steering is real weak and non adjustable so it pulls funky) -Stock battery is real tiny and

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  • August-11 2020 04:02:33

    seems to be a pretty tough truck, as soon as i got it, I drove it around some and noticed some sound coming from the gear boxes. so opened it up and added grease to them, after that it quieter. we haven't been gentle with it. jumping it and rock crawling with it. Did break front axle after a large jump and cartwheel crash. but was still able to drive in 2wd to finish the charge.


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