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  • October-17 2020 18:12:21

    اداااء ممتاااااز جداً بس المشكلة البطارية منتهية

  • November-13 2020 03:23:05


  • December-01 2018 16:19:00

    Questo prodotto è un laser davvero potente in confronto ai soliti puntatori..... Un buon prodotto ad un prezzo ragionevole. La confezione è ottima e con chiusura magnetica. PURTROPPO la batteria originale in confezione (quella blu) pesa la metà di una normale 18650 (quella verde) da 2600 mA/h, quindi vuol dire che si tratta di una batteria economica. Altra delusione è l'alimentatore (da 500 mA/h) che ha un attacco di tipo americano e non adatto alle prese europee. Per usarlo è necessario un

  • April-18 2017 14:33:18

    For the money you get a strong green laser with easy handling. The charger works fine and came with a suitable adapter for my power outlet. And here is why I gave only 4 stars on quality: Removing the star-cap for the first time was quite hard, as the thread appeared to be glued together. But I managed to get it loose and boom, green laser beam. The second thing is, with a fully charged battery I would not recommend using the laser continuously for longer than 20sec. It starts to smell, as the diode

  • February-07 2017 13:10:25

    I wanted to own a stronger laser pointer to paly around with it a little, and this one is pretty cool. It has a strong beam that is clearly visible at night (The attached picture is a little exaggerated by my camera, so not as bright in reality; but still easily bright enough!), and the Star Cap also has a cool effect. Unfortunately, I wouldn't call this a "burning" laser, because it's just strong enough to slowly burn through thin black plastic bags, which is not very impressive. The charger + battery

  • October-27 2016 11:56:48

    i dont know so much about lasers but this one is bright and fun. has a nice "star"-adapter which can cast nice patterns on the wall. be adviced and dont look into the laser. it comes with a nice security-key a battery and a battery-charger. i would not trust the included battery or charger as Lithium-batteries can be dangerous and the batterie itself just weights around 25g (a genuine Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh is at 48g). still worth a buy since the laser is nice and cheap!

  • December-29 2017 03:54:50

    If you were searching for burning laser .. keep on searching this isn't product for you. If you searched for well made (metal body), good looking laser with decent laser power (about 20mW laser power), that is well visible during daylight and at night this item is for you. Another nice feature is focusing (but don't expect too much). It is nice it includes battery, charger and box. Only thing I can criticize is that someone taped the box with the tape that will damage the box when you try to remove

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  • October-21 2016 05:22:13

    The Laser Pointer other than smaller and weaker types, give a good and trustworthy feeling in the hand, because it's made of metal and not of plastic. The green ray is very strong, illuminates the room quite much for not being a bulb to begin with. You can see the spot over a very far distance and even the trail of the ray can be seen clearly if the humidity is high enough. The on/off switch on the other hand seems to be some kind of an functional, but very cheap outlay. As for one of the two laser

  • February-01 2016 14:03:27

    El láser llegó en buen estado, en un tiempo más o menos aceptable. No lo compré con intención de prender ninguna cerilla, pero pese a ello lo he estado intentando y no lo he conseguido ni pintándola de negro. No he probado con cinta aislante, pero supongo que tampoco conseguiría nada. El láser viene etiquetado como SDLaser 303 y dice ser de clase III y tener una potencia máxima de salida de <5mW (según su etiqueta). Es agradable al tacto metálico. Si lo compras en Europa, te incluyen

  • March-12 2019 09:16:48

    Ürün Efsane Güzel. TÜRK Arkadaşlara Öneririm Ön Yargılı Yaklaşmayın TÜRKİYE Deki Ürünlerden Daha Sağlam İndirimlerini Takip Edin Uygun Fiyata Alın Önerimdir. Edit: 37 Tl Ye Aldım +5 Tl Kargo


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