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Stualex 29/04/2020
Firstly, arrived in the UK in 8 days which is really quick, very happy with that. Fantastic little buggy for the price, loads of metal parts, quite a a bit of weight to it so doesn't feel cheap. Came with the extra pack as advertised although the extra one is 3000mah which is a bonus, it's just two standard 18650's packed together. Will run on 3s but I've only tried it for a few minutes as it's quick enough on 2s for back garden basher. Now on to the bad points, although not that serious. 1. Suspension geometry is all set very high so I've tweaked it a good few mm lower so sits a lot nicer now and the driveshafts no longer click. 2. The front and rear diffs were both really loose, sounded like the gears were slapping around. Took both diffs apart, both of which had a smear of grease in them. I cleaned them up and rebuilt with some lightweight diff oil. Now the buggy is much quieter, no slapping noises and pops wheelies for fun. 3. Due to carrying out the above I noticed quite a few loose screws, I've basically checked the whole buggy over and all is good now. In summary, a great buggy for the price, I'd just suggest giving it a thorough once over and putting some diff oil in. I'd certainly buy another, in fact I'm tempted to do a fully metal converted one and upgrade it to brushless. Also very easy to work on.
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