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Dryad 2017-09-01 20:20:28
I was pulling my hair out because the app would not connect. I then found the most stupidly easy work around, you can use a plethora of apps to connect. The one I use is on android "Vue Smart Home" the author is VUE TECH PTE. LTD. Works instantly, it creates it's own wifi network. You can connect and control the camera remotely. The IR lights work but for me they reflected off the double glazed window too much. I took it apart and literally just unclipped that ring and poof done. I have to say the actual motherboard and camera is beautiful quality, I mean really it is amazing! Seriously get it, it really is great for how much it costs.
Komentarze (2)
  • interenat Thank you, friend! "Vue Smart Home" with auto-region setting really works!

    Odpowiadać 2017-10-07 07:13:43
  • do you just plug it in, then connect? all mine says is "access point established" then it doesnt connect to anything, phone, PC, tried everything.......any help or its going in the bin.....should be so easy to use but its such a pain in the arse, i dont understand how its connecting to my wifi network when it doesn't know what my password is.

    Odpowiadać 2017-10-11 15:00:04
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