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Wizzard 02/02/2019
This really does work! I have 2 German Shepherds that love to bark. The whole block can hear them. My first impression was that the box was all crushed, but the unit was fine. I put a 9v batt in (Very tight fit) and off we went. You can see a very faint diagram on the side of the device giving you 3 modes to choose from: (Top setting) Diagram of a light - Allows the two LEDs to come on so you can use it as a flashlight without any sound. (without the need to hold the button down) (Middle setting) Diagram of an animal standing (looks like a Meerkat) - This is a low powered mode that is good for training your dog. Pressing the button will cause a high frequency noise to be produced whilst also turning the light on. (Bottom setting) Diagram of an animal walking on all 4 legs. (Looks like a beaver) - This is a high powered mode. I find it good for when the dogs are further away. Pressing the button on this mode will cause a louder high frequency noise to be produced and the LEDs to flash whilst holding the button down. My overall thoughts on this are that it's a great unit for the price. Its a solid build for under $10. Certainly gets my dogs attention and they stop barking. NOTE: Don't put the device next to your ear and press the button. If you want to test if it's working you can press the button and slowly move it closer to your ear. You will hear a very slight hissing sound from the ultrasonic emitter. Thumbs up from me.
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