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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 28/08/2019

    As usual, I am using things outside their intended usage range! :-) In this case in need to back-light some perspex card holders for didactic statements (the blurb about the artwork) in our dark art gallery space (where we host projection works). Gluing some of these to the backs of perspex card holders should work well! (Picture shows a test of an A6 card holder on the A5 Copy Board- I still need the art administrator to tell me whether they want these in A6 - in which case I will cut down the Copy Board (at the end without the LEDs, of course),- or in A5, in which case I will buy some A5 card holders). Note: The black circles in the corners are magnets in the perspex card holder. They will be removed if I glue the A6 card holders to the copy board. Once I know the size, I can put a bit of silver tape around the edges to stop light bleed, and it will be done! Also, if I do cut down to A6, I can use the Copy Board off-cuts with some LEDs to make non-battery spares (the important part is the light diffusion layer sandwiched between the Copy Board's perspex sheets to spread the edge-lighting out evenly)

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