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  • 2017-12-06 00:20:55

    Handy tool to check battery packs. Working as expected. Shuts down with beep sound when more than 5A is provided and started working when the current is reduced. Happy with this purchase.

  • foksa
    2017-12-15 03:57:37

    This is nice set for the price. Beside testing batteries I use it to easily adjust constant current drivers: http://bit.ly/2vV29RT

  • avl
    2017-08-17 09:28:25

    Довольно интересная штука. Позволяет оценить поведение блоков питания или проводов под нагрузкой. Работает устойчиво, нагрузка регулируется плавно, не скачет. Можно использовать отдельно нагрузку, отдельно прибор для измерения тока, напряжения и мощности.

  • 2019-06-08 02:53:19

    This does what you'd expect it to, and is darned handy. Great way to a) test charge taken by a power bank (most of the claimed capacities are pure wild fiction! :-) ) b) monitor current when charging devices that don't otherwise indicate when they've stopped taking charge c) testing the capacity of usb power sources under different current loads. Thats what I've used it for so far, anyway. Nice bit of gear. Recommended.

  • Sloath
    2018-04-25 11:03:28

    The tester works well once I worked out how to use it, some instructions would be helpful. The soldering on the load unit isn't the best but it works well enough though, but I might put it into an enclosure to help protect it, but only if i can get the control knobs off without breaking them. Overall great value for the money.

  • Peter
    2018-03-28 04:33:41

    Die Gerätekombination besteht aus einer elektronischen Last, einem Multifunktionsmessgerät und einem Kroko-USB Adapter. Die elektonische Last mit permanent laufendem kleinem Ventilator zieht dauerhaft 80 mA und läßt sich darüber hinaus mi Grob- und Feinregler ausreichend genau und stabil einstellen. Hervorzuheben sind die Eingänge über USB-Stecker und -Buchse sowie einem Klemmanschluss. Nachteil: Betriebsanleitung mit detailierten technischen Parametern, Verhalten fehlt! Das Multifunktionsgerät

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  • 2018-01-20 03:05:57

    Added some rubber feet to the module for table mounting. Received with one potentiometer bent back as no bubblewrap in the box. Carefully replaced and works fine. The power meter does not look the same as advertised and has but 3 digits (not that it really matters for testing batteries). Not blue but cyan green. Towards the end of a cell discharge, the display will dim considerably making the small text hard to read. The load current drawn lowers the available power to the display - reducing the load

  • fredo
    2019-04-27 18:33:50

    Enviaron en empaque perfecto y el producto cumple mis espectativas. Todos los detalles y caracteristicas tal como lo ofrecen en su publicación , las cumple. Gracias BG.

  • 2018-01-07 14:44:24

    It is a good tool. But imagine if you connect a battery to test the capacity (mah), you should watch all the time the screen because when it drains the battery the display will turned off and you won't know how much mah was

  • rewand
    2017-10-27 16:42:19

    Usb tester has only 3 digits of resolution not 5 as shown on many pictures in description. So if you count on tester from this set don't buy that.

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