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  • 2019-11-18 14:42:34

    очень странная зарядка. цена и функционал хорошие, но отсутствие поддержки 6s и ОТСУТСТВИЕ СИГНАЛА ОБ ОКОНЧАНИИ ЗАРЯДА это большая печаль... постоянно приходится мониторить готово или нет... третья кнопка лишняя, и вообще странная настройка показывать время заряда... в общем продукт

  • jdwit
    2020-04-16 02:30:07

    Fast charging of up to 6 1S batteries for my tiny whoop. Comes with USB-C cable and an instruction manual. Can be powered using a LiPo using the XT60 input which is convenient for use in the field. You have to toggle through the channels in order to see the current voltage per battery. Good product for affordable price.

  • 2020-03-22 00:45:10

    THIS is what every 1s charger should be like! It has all the ringt input options, DC barrel for at home, XT60 and USB-C for when out in the field. USB-C from my USB-C powerbank makes THIS the one I always take with me. Banggood had a amazing price and shipping via Priority Direct had me get the package in just a week. I have the other URUAV charger as well and in comparsion this is much better. Highly recommend getting this from Bangood!

  • masato
    2019-12-01 00:10:36

    安い! 各ポートを別々に設定できる リポorHV 0.1~1.0A コネクターも3タイプ 入力も3タイプ USB出力もある(^-^) 液晶モニター付きで何mAh充電できたかも分かる しかし 充電が終わってもランプが点いたり消えたり等の表示やブザー等の音も無い 判断は充電A数が0を表示してたら終わりらしい そこそこのマイナスポイント あとコネクターの抜き差し めっちゃ硬い! 小さくて安い

  • thefou
    2020-01-15 04:13:44

    je n'ai essayé qu'une seul charge avec, facile d'utilisation. seul bémol relevé jusqu'ici, lorsque la charge est terminée, il n'y aucun bip ni indications indiquant que c'est fini. le manuel n'est qu'en anglais évidement.

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  • RamNas
    2019-12-15 18:59:39

    This charger is compact and can be powered by 3 different methods. Unfortunately, it is lacking an important feature which is standard on all other 1s chargers - an indicator to notify you of a fully charged battery. Very strange that there is no LEDs or any audible beep to let you know that it is time to remove the fully charged cells. You will not know that the batteries are charged until you scroll through the menu to each individual port status. There are better 1s chargers available which have

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  • 2020-06-05 12:14:56

    Great Charger, but the timer starts when the you power on the charger hours and minutes. The count mAh resets only when power off and then on. I will like the timer to start when connect a battery and the count mAh must reset when connect the second battery.

  • 2020-03-03 07:10:03

    A detail that is important, this charger can not be used with "1S 3.7V 50mAh Mini LiPo Battery Molex 2P 1.25mm Connector 1cm 4g" wich are sold also on Banggod site. Be carefull, because it may cause fire on battery.

  • lluisd
    2020-06-10 13:49:25

    Super small. It comes with an usb cable like in the photo. Yhe plug for the power supply is 5.5 2.5mm . You can set 4.35 or 4.25v for each port and also 0.2a (can be from 0.1a to 1.0a) for each port which I recommend. great product :)

  • 2020-02-26 08:23:21

    Valoro con 5 estrellas porque si no no publican este comentario. El producto llegó roto, solo cargan 3 de los 6 puertos. La polaridad de los conectores PH 1.25 viene invertida, si conectas lipos da cortocircuito y las quemas. Intente abrir disputa pero siempre te evitan los de atención al cliente, te remiten a un mail que nunca contesta. En fin, menos mal que me pasa en un producto de 10€ y no de más.


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