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  • 27/07/2016

    The product is as described, it works very well. Only thing I don't like very much is a sound it does which I think must be the fan cooler. It is not designed for profesional use, I just want it to watch movies at home. It doesn't have the best reslution, it is not full HD as it says in the title of the advertisement, the real resolution at which you'll be able to watch your videos is 320*180 as indicated later in the product description (output resolution). For me the rario price-quality is very good!

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  • 26/01/2018

    Nice little beamer for low budget . I like this guy in first time.

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  • 13/08/2019

    great,description highly recomended product and seller communication thnx !!

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  • 01/04/2016

    The projector has inputs for both USB & HDMI but, will not recognize a computer if you are trying to project an image from one. Multiple USB and HDMI cables were tried. It will recognize a Thumb drive. Notice none of the images in the advertisement show the projection source. The techs want "video" showing what the issue is posted to YouTube! A description sent to 3 different representatives was not enough. Not a happy customer.

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  • 18/11/2017

    It was a cheap projector and I knew the resolution would be low when buying it. The only thing which really stops this being excellent value for money is the skimping on the backlight LED(s) which makes it really not bright at all. On the plus side, it works from either DC input or a powerbank that can deliver 2 or more amps (1 amp powerbank didn't work).

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  • 06/11/2016

    Don't understand those bad reviews i read for this product, at this price, it does exactly what it promises, not more or less, for this price you can't expect professional quality, this is a toy, the package also says : "Time to Play" you do can focus the picture, on the chequered pixel pattern because this isn't an a HD projector :) it has a QVGA resolution: 320x240 pixels, and you see just that, when enlarged by the projector's lens, for this price it has a large range of options: play from usb, micro SD, HDMI, and composite video (AV) the projector gets hot, because of it's size there's not cooling possible, so expect colour change due time, because of the power LED dissipation of heat. if you want more quality, spent some more money for a full size beamer, but this is a nice toy for the kids, they will love to play with it. they won't complain :)

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  • 10/03/2016

    Product name is misleading. The projector is QVGA, and not Full HD. This is stated in the product specification and received my projector meets the specification. The projector is very handy for giving presentations to small groups (3-5 people) in not equipped halls.

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  • 10/12/2015

    Hello, when i put The tracking number search into my service postal web, it dont results. I think that have some error in the number or never had shipped. Thanks Federico

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  • 17/05/2016

    Small and nice unit, although the color is somehow bluish. Using with a battery power is convenient as I intend to use this as a "ghost projector" in the forest

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  • 16/06/2017

    Able to input from almost all as possible modern configurations in Video, Music, Picts, Text. A fantastic unit !!! Powered by 12V DC transfo, or batteries.

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