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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 10/05/2019

    Absolutely amazing this little 3d printer. When you take it out of the box you realize how small it is but when it starts to print it soon realizes that it can do so much. Following the assembly tutorial, it is possible to assemble it without problems and perfectly regulated. I advise the purchase. It will take a little work to set up but it makes up for the experience. It has the problems that many videos of youtube show but it is only to make the changes that needed and ready. Upgrades: Change the source to 10A or +, create a new base for the circuit boards and display, lengthen the feeder spring of the extruder (place a nut where it holds the spring), cut 5 cm from the Bowden tube and will be well calibrated. Attention: Look for the right screws at the time of assembly. This will make a huge difference. Get a promo and go ahead.

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  • 11/02/2018

    L’ho comprata con molto desiderio arrivata in tempo record 7gg in Italia ma con DHL Un po’ cara ma c’è certezza matematica che arrivi senza problemi. Montata con estrema facilità anche senza essere molto “esperti”. Si interfaccia con il PC con il programma Repetier-host incluso nella SD. Da subito ho cominciato a stampare il modellino incluso con successo. Chiedo al Cservice@banggood.com assistenza su alcuni problemi verificati dopo un po’ di stampe. Comunque soddisfatto.

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  • 18/07/2019

    très bonne imprimante qualité prix, format compacte et portable arrivé en très bonne état, montage très facile en suivant les instructions, qualité d'impression superbe, écran avec 5 boutons et navigation facile. très bonne imprimante pour entrer au monde de l'impression 3D.

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  • 20/09/2017

    Took around 5hrs to assemble, worked excellent mechanically without big challenges; the Z axis was getting stuck and unscrewing a bit the 3 screws holding the threaded flange did the trick for me and some part from the filament feeder is missing so I can't print anything yet. The assembly is stiffer than it looks and it has a very small footprint making it great for small spaces.

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  • 12/07/2020

    Miałem uszkodzony kawałek i dużo materiału wychodzi.

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  • 05/03/2018

    the printer comes very fast i take 4 hours to assemble with upgrades is a great little printer mine printer comes with a broken thermistor and dont heatup luckly i have anothef hotend and grabbed the another thermistor

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  • 11/07/2019

    recebido falta montar vamos ver

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  • 13/01/2019

    chegou antes da data prevista e atende as expectativas

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  • 23/05/2019

    Muy Buen producto funciona de acuerdo a lo esperado, llego bien y a tiempo, estoy armandolo

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  • 08/02/2019

    simples, mas boa, contudo precisa de upgrades para uma qualidade maior de impressão

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