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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 07/05/2021

    Świetny 💪🏻😍 gorąco polecam zakup dla tych, którzy chcą bezpiecznie.

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  • 24/04/2021

    Skrzynka była lekko wgniecona podczas wysyłki, ale ładowarka pozostaje nietknięta. Dobra ładowarka, która obsługuje jednoczesne ładowanie 4 liponów. Pełna wypiska wspierana.

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  • 22/08/2017

    Tiene tamaño perfecto para ser de cuatro salidas. Es compacto, fácil de transportar al campo de vuelo en caso de necesidad. Fácil de utilizar, los menús son muy intuitivos, y si has utilizado cargadores de la familia de los B6AC y similares no tendrás ningún problema. La aplicación móvil es una maravilla, pones las baterías a cargar y cómodamente desde el sofá controlas el estado de cada una de ellas. No he probado todavía la aplicación del ordenador por la pereza de tener que conectarlo, así como tampoco he actualizado el firmware. Cuando utilizas los 4 cargadores a la vez, el ventilador interno se pone a tope y hace bastante ruido, por lo que no es recomendable utilizarlo en horas de descanso, o puede llegar a ser molesto para los familiares. Totalmente recomendable!!

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  • 13/05/2017

    Great charger! Very good quality, not loud, built-in power adapter, DC XT60 input, 4 channels, nice color display, 4 temperature sensors (need to buy separately). The range of bluetooth is not wide. I have also SkyRC MC3000 and it works much better with NiMh and NiCd batteries than Q200. HW version 1.5 FW version 1.09

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 08/11/2017

    thanks BG! Super fast shipping, good good price. The item has come intact, everything work. I am very happy of this choice is really an extraordinary Battery Charger. I would like to present analysis of the product: Pros 4 channels are very effective and powerful for racer class batteries. Much more useful than a one channel >20A charger. It allows you to charge 4 separate batteries simultaneously and not use a parallel board The included android / iOS application (connected via Bluetooth) is useful, convenient if you do not like pushing buttons, or cannot control the charging process (when you do not see the display itself) It gives you the specified charging power, that is more than enough :) Cons It is not an integrated four channel charger, it is four, one channel charger. There is no need 40 memories, 4 * 10 independent. One 10 stock would be enough. There is no reason why I have to program the channel memories independently (for the same programs) Charger Bluetooth module is weak, the smart application can be used only within 1-2m. PC Program: Q200 After you connect your PC with Q200, you cannot switch off the charger by removing the DC in, or switch off the internal power supply. Although only the display is powered on and the charger isn’t actually functional, you cannot switch the charger back on again before removing the USB connection, then plugin the charger power. This means, that the USB connection actually powers the charger backwards Memory storage is useless as the program forgets the programmed slots after exiting The Q200 desktop application is not a complete product It cannot control a charging process that was not started from the program It loses the memory programs after exits

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  • 11/08/2019

    доставка в Украину 2 недели. Материал на ощупь качественный, но присутствует некий запах нагретых элементов, посмотрим с течением времени как себя проявит. настройка простая

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  • 26/07/2017

    The 4 independent channels is like having 4 separate balance chargers. With this charger you don't need to worry about having all your battery cell voltages near to one another like when you use a parallel charging board. You can also charge, discharge different types and sizes of batteries at the same time which is really convenient. The phone app is nice but range is a little too limited to be really useful.

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  • 29/08/2017

    Very good quality and good materials, beautiful finishes and great power, can charge 4 batteries simultaneously although they are of different voltages or are partially charged, without fear of damaging other batteries.

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  • 06/06/2017

    O produto vem bem protegido pela sua embalagem, material de qualidade, vem com todos cabos para chegar e usar. Já testei e funciona perfeitamente, estou satisfeito pelo equipamento, recomendo!

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 15/01/2017

    I made several tests with this Charger. With an external HP server power supply, I could reach the specified maximum: 2x6.2A at 15.6V and 2x3.1A at 15.6V. I could charge 10 1300 Graphene batteries at the same time. During full power charging, the Q200 needed 28A at 12V from the power supply. There are only a few weaknesses. 1. This charger is a four chargers in the same box and not a combined 4 channels charger. There is no need to have independent memory for each channel (means that I had to program the same programs for each). A combined one could be better. 2. PC software: The biggest issue is that if the charging was not started by the PC, it cannot draw the chart, and cannot show the actual action. Second, The program has its own memories (but for what?) that you have to program independently from the charger, and it forgets the stored programs after exiting, and when opening again, all of the programs are empty again. 3. Iphone App: Again, the stored programs. Has to be created independently for each channel. Second, it cannot draw chart.

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