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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 14/07/2019

    Runs great out of the box You have to adjust the air intake and fuel mixture to get the correct vapour mixture for ignition to occur That,s the screw in cap on top of the acrylic fuel and water container and the chrome plated valve on the end of the non combustion cylinder Nice sounding exhaust Timing doesn,t seem that important

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  • 18/11/2021


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  • 01/06/2019

    This is a very unique miniature two-stroke engine. The intake system is a side port, but the other cylinder is responsible for the carburetor and scavenge since there is no crankcase. A metal cylinder with a window is embedded in a clear plastic pipe , so you can see the spark plug igniting and burning. Cooling depends on the water supply as well as the hit and miss engine. Since the ignition timing is a manual advance type, it is also possible to set the speed. Startability is also good and you can operate immediately by preparing three AAA batteries, fuel and cooling water. I think it is a bargain gem

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  • 13/03/2020

    Bardzo fajny silnik, uwielbiam go! Mała rada: nie napełniaj zbiornika paliwa za dużo, mało paliwa na dnie jest optymalna. Jeśli nie zobaczysz bąbelków w zbiorniku, nie będzie działać i będziesz miał duży problem, żeby go uruchomić. I obejrzyjcie o tym filmy na youtubie, żeby się dowiedzieć jak. To nie przychodzi z instrukcją.

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  • 23/06/2019

    As it was the second purchase, the movement of the piston and cylinder became aggravated after the engine was stopped, so when carefully examined, it was because some screws were loosened. Luckily, I was able to recover by tightening the screws. Please pay attention to assembly and inspection as it is a good product. The clamps for fixing the engine were not included with this purchase, and the transparent pipe standing like a chimney in the water jacket was laughed but it was not a problem for practical use.We expect to release a four-stroke engine with a see-through cylinder.

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  • 15/02/2020

    To bardzo interesujące. Warunki pracy są ciężkie, ale jeśli włożysz gorącą wodę do wody chłodzącej i obrócisz ją z dużą prędkością za pomocą rozrusznika, będzie idealnie.

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  • 18/05/2021

    This review is actually for an ET8 Eachine, that was exchanged for the two stroke due to very late manufacture. The ET8 is an absolute beaut. Took nothing to start it, just minor carby adjustment. Very pleased.

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  • 16/07/2019

    All good I bought 2 of these - so impressed by their design and workmanship Fascinating to watch them running and watch the combustion through the clear tubilar windows

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  • 22/09/2019

    Good product. This item is very good to me. Very good to my needs. I am very satisfied to this product.

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  • 26/08/2019

    Haven't used this yet but this seems to be high quality. Shipping came quickly and with no damage or other problems.

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