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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 10/08/2016

    My first impressions: frame looks pretty good, but has several issues. Slots for camera mount needs to be corrected because assembling is not possible without some sandpaper work. Kit is delivered with too short screws. Screws are exceeding 4 mm plate for less than 2 mm, which is not enough. Also too short screws for vtx antenna mount. And worse thing, holes for FC and PDB are not in good position. Standard is 30.5 mm, and drilled on the frame is under 30 mm. Need to be corrected. Feature (slots) for plastic strap for holding battery connector is too small for anything. Like someone make it without understanding of its purpose. With corrections, it can be a good product

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  • 12/08/2016

    We all know it's not the original design, the quality of this kit is very nice! And the weight...it's so light!! All the parts that you need are in there and it's ready to assemble. Carbon is a nice mat twill weave. Of course I will sand the edges but they look clean at first glance. Only the extra plate for the lipo is a very rough cut, but who cares... Some tiny holes in the middle of the top plate (where the camera plates will slip in) are a bit to tiny. With some sand paper of file you can make it a bit wider (like one hair...). And for those crazy crashing pilots...maybe you need longer screws. I didn't notice on the picture but they are quite short. It fit, it will hold your stand off perfect, but it won't give the extra strenght. Also a very big thank you to banggood for adding that Matek PDB! At time of the pre-order there was a orange thingy in the picture...now it's a PDB of quality. By the way, I also ordered the Realacc HUBOSD H-Type PDB with OSD...that thing won't fit in the lengts of this frame...it's less than 1mm to long and with thoutch those camera plates. Rotating that H-Type board will work but it will come slightly over the edge of the bottom plate. I'm still considering that...or alter those camera plates to fit that cool PDB.

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