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  • 2018-03-19 19:15:10

    Please, I would appreciate if you explain to me where is the plate that goes in the middle, where the toroid is connected to the integrated one. The plate is incomplete and it does not help me. What I'm doing to get what I need. I would appreciate answering me, as soon as possible, because I am very angry and I feel cheated. Thank you, I wish you a good day, but tell me what happens with the circuit that I lack.

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  • Lojzik
    2017-11-02 05:26:16

    This is a must have tool for your ham shack, and the very best one for your children when introducing them into the world of RF. Just download the manual, I think even the entire beginners can get it working within few weeks. It is based on USB SDR, as already dicussed. You can buy the assembled version as well (+7 bugs).Defintely worth the money, no problems, cheap and fine.

  • Geos
    2017-10-18 13:31:22

    It comes in a bag with anything you need to assemble a Very Good software define radio receiver, who covers the majority of radio communication bands! Anything you want to receive from 100KHz to 1700MHz is here. With slim nozzle to the soldering iron, a magnifier glass and some free time to spend, I managed to complete the assembly of the kit in less than one hour. The only difficult part is to solder the transformer to the IC pins, surely take some more time but is doable. I suggest you use flux

  • 2017-01-31 03:30:58

    This produces a functional and well packaged SDR. There are two antenna inputs, 100KHz-30MHz and 25MHz-1.7GHz. The unit is powered and operated through a mini USB connector. You are required to dismantle a USB SRD dongle, attach the board in a cutout on the main PCB, solder SMD components, wind your own coils, and solder 24 awg magnet wire to 0.5mm pitch pins. This will require. The directions are a little vague and hard to understand at some points. Read the instructions and make sure you can perform

  • 2017-12-08 20:51:16

    this radio software comes like the picture. it is not ready to use. it comes without the instructions and the software (I found the link at Banggood answers).

  • diab58
    2017-11-18 11:07:51

    Radio SDR full band. It's not easy to assemble I had to use the microscope for the small toroidal coil. To use this key with SDR sharp software you must use version v1.0.0.1583.Thanks Banggood

  • scalv30
    2017-06-23 19:23:52

    Works well and fun to use. I required a microscope to solder very fine gauge wires to IC pins. This was the most complicated part of the build. Otherwise soldering was straight forward.

  • jmr
    2018-11-17 10:50:50

    les composants sont emballés dans un sachet anti statique et l'antenne n'a pas été tordue pendant le transport.

  • 2018-03-18 07:57:15

    All capacitors are not marked, three sets off three - roll the dice?

  • 2018-03-16 17:13:14

    First thing you do is open the dongle and on doing so I broke a capacitor and a inductor off. So can't go further. It was worth the try.


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