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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 26/06/2023

    Otrzymane, przetestowane i zatwierdzone. Przybył przed terminem. Wszystko w porządku.

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  • 13/06/2024

    The hunting camera, PR3000, 36MP, but also for the yard, considering the price, works satisfactorily in terms of resolution and night recording. It's a shame that the attachment strip is all stiff, so it's hard to secure the camera. It could be partly elastic. The power supply is a bit strange. 8 batteries of 1.5V in two groups of 4 which gives 6V per group. It is possible to power it using a USB power supply, but it is at the limit. So the USB power supply is unsafe. For two days of day and night recording for 10 seconds every half hour, the batteries were exhausted. The camera does not have surge protection, so I burned the input circuit with an external 7V power supply and destroyed the camera. BEWARE of the power supply! Also, the SD card 64Gb was properly formatted by the camera and recorded both video and photos, however, it does not allow deleting the card by reformatting. It is possible to delete only snapshot by snapshot or photo or video, which is very laborious if there are about 600 photos and about 350 videos. The SD card is unusable for other devices. There is ONLY one PIR sensor in the camera, and that's in the middle. Those side openings are just for decoration. Still, it does its job so solidly if we look at the price.

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